Welcome to my site. I’m here to help in any of the following ways: 

  • edit a resumé
  • help with your food choices
  • listen to a concern
  • help improve your sleep habits
  • coach a new skill
  • help you reach your goals
  • collaborate on an idea
  • discuss solutions
  • work through a pending decision
  • contribute ideas
  • support lasting change
  • simplify confusion
  • calm overwhelm

But there’s more and it’s about overcoming adversity-the hidden kind that no one but you knows about. You aren’t alone! Beneath the veneer of a happy home, fairy-tale training, a good education, and a comfortable life, I’m like many of you with a past marred by trouble – self loathing, drug addiction, verbal and physical abuse, discrimination, betrayal, and loneliness. Sorting through that without health insurance, without close relationships, from a past where there was no one to trust, with only an inquiring mind to guide me has proven that against all odds, prosperity and contentment are possible. And I figure if I can overcome my past, so can anyone.

Carol has a Health and Wellness Coaching Certification from the world-renowned Mayo Clinic, a BFA in dance from University of Utah, and is a credentialed yoga and meditation teacher. Her talents have contributed to organizations that serve the environment, work toward ending homelessness, promote education, and foster the arts. She has worked professionally as a health and wellness coach, teacher, organizational consultant, ballet dancer and teacher, director, house manager, bookkeeper, movement coach and writer. Along the way she learned how to cook, run a business, clean anything, garden, sew, hire legal help, get out of jail is never free, liquidate a business, iron, speak to the police, understand and manipulate financials, go to court, write resumes, and raise 3 children not in that order. And all of that has led to an eye for good wine, a mindful meditation practice, and a self-care regimen to uphold her sanity.